The National Ass

ociation for Primary Education ( is a voluntary association and registeredcharity founded on the 8th March 1980. This was the outcome of a growing conviction that the professionalism of teachers of young children was not sufficiently r

ecognised and acknowledged as a vital element in the achievement of high standards in education. NAPE, as we are familiarly known, is committed to the view that children’s progress in their later years is largely dependent upon the quality and strength of their early learning. Our concern for children extends from birth to eleven years old and then beyond to include the first two years of secondary education.

From the beginning NAPE membership has been open to everyone involved in primary education. Teachers, heads, advisers, inspectors and parents make up our ranks. Both individuals and school communities join us and we maintain contact with our network of some 3000 nationwide. Over the 34 years we have forged productive partnerships with other teacher and parent organisations and are a leading member of the Primary Umbrella Group which brings together 35 organisations which focus on primary education and for which the association holds the office of Parliamentary Correspondent responsible for discussions with ministers and shadow ministers. There are particularly close professional links with the National Association for the Teaching of English and the Association for the Study of Primary Education. We are acknowledged as a leading authority with regard to the primary curriculum in the UK and are frequently consulted when new developments are envisaged. Currently we are advising the Department for Education regarding appropriate areas of research to be undertaken by the Government.

Quality control of our work including publications is exercised through continuing contact with two of our members who were formerly senior members of the national inspectorate (HMI) responsible for primary education.

Our head office is located in Moulton College (University of Leicester), Northampton and a satellite office is maintained near Oxford from which the association’s journal is edited. Involvement in the strategic partnership will be centred on Oxford. The association continues to enjoy close links with Oxford Brookes University.

Policy is decided by the National Council and day to day administration is undertaken.

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