BScholengemeenschap Basisonderwijs Antigon: BBA

Scholengemeenschap Basisonderwijs Antigon is a community of 18 primary schools, and is

part of School District 1 Antwerpen, responsible for 36 institutions, both compulsory and non-compulsory education. Annually 20000+ learners enroll in a course and over 2500 staff members are striving to assure and offer the utmost quality. School District 1 Antwerp is one of the 28 Districts of GO! Education, which represents publicly run education acting under the authority of the Flemish community. School District 1 comprises all levels of education with the exception of special education. The schools are primarily based in the city of Antwerp. All educational providers in this area act within a societal metropolitan context, which has rapidly changed in recent years.

Its primary schools are very different. It has 6 new schools - 3 freinetschools - that are very young, the eldest of them started five years ago and the youngest this year. They are small schools that count 120 to 180 pupils. The other schools are big schools that count 300 to 600 students.

Its schools have children from 2,5 until 12 years and there is a great diversity between the schools. The schools are situated in the center and the outskirts of Antwerp city.

Some schools count a high number of children with parents who came from all over the world to find work in Antwerp. So there is a big variety of languages spoken in their families. Other schools have a "healthy" mix of Flemish and immigrant pupils.

It is the core business of every teacher to make sure that the children acquire the key competences for the 21st century, so they can start high school with the skills to succeed in their second school career.

With more than 10 years of relevant experience, the project office assists its management and teachers in the implementation of European projects at the school district, its communities, its schools and beyond.